Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of BioDiesel Energy

Biodiesel energy is the energy obtained from bio diesel which is a non petroleum based fuel obtained from either vegetable oil or yellow grease. Biodiesel energy finds use in the railways, airlines industry and for heating at domestic sites.

There are several advantages of using bio diesel energy. It reduces carbon monoxide emissions in the environment by almost fifty percent, Vehicles using bio diesel energy work more efficiently, the bio diesel has a property that it ignites quickly, the vehicles using bio diesel energy start comparatively faster than those which do not use bio diesel energy, It is biodegradable, Biodiesel energy is a renewable source of energy, can be generated in any part of the world and Bio diesel is an eco friendly energy source as fuel emissions are negligible.

It is also a cost effective source of energy.

There are some disadvantages also like Bio diesel used in biodiesel energy can clog fuel pipes of vehicles at low temperatures, Rubber parts of broilers or furnaces are deteriorated by bio diesel energy, when used for heating at homes, bio diesel energy can clog the pipes at homes as when it burns, it leaves a residue and high amount of nitrogen oxide is emitted by bio diesel energy into the environment.

Because of the number of advantages of biodiesel energy, many countries of the world are planning to take several initiatives to explore and develop biodiesel energy as an alternative source of energy.

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